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“From Dawn Waves to Dry Seats: How Ollie the Surfboard Sling Saved My Morning (And My Car Seats)”

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Hello, world! Joan Sarah Rachel here, your beach-loving, wave-chasing surfer mom.

Morning Tiptoes to tides

Have you ever had one of those mornings where nothing seems to go right? That was me, just last week. I woke up late, tiptoeing around like a cat burglar to avoid waking the kids. Outfit of the day? Just a bathing suit and Lycra. My destination? The sea, and nothing was going to stand in my way.

Road to the waves

My surfboard, Ollie, was my trusty companion for the day.

I grabbed it from its snug sling, hastily applied some sun cream from the trusty little metal box that’s become a permanent resident of my car, and hit the road.

The sea was inviting, and the surf was spectacular.

But, oh boy, the return trip.

As the euphoria of the surf session wore off, I realized I had made a rookie mistake: no change of clothes, no towel, no poncho.

My husband’s playful scolding about turning our car into a mobile sea pool and sand box rang in my ears. I could almost hear him saying, “The seats are going to be soaked again!”


Here’s where the story takes a fun turn. Staring at Ollie, my surfboard sling, I had my ‘Eureka!’ moment. Crafted with a convenient towel lining, Ollie was more than just a sling – it was a solution to my predicament! I dried myself, wiped down the board, and hung Ollie on the back of the car seat. And just like that, my car seat cover was born!

Sweet victory.

I arrived home just as everyone was waking up. After a quick shower and whipping up a nutritious breakfast, we were ready for our day. When my husband slid into the car, he looked puzzled. “Didn’t you go surfing this morning?” he asked.

I couldn’t help but beam at him and reply, “Yes, I did. Why do you ask?” He ran his hand over the dry seat, surprised and said, “But the seat… it’s dry.”

Dawn Patrol saver.

Ollie, the humble surfboard sling, saved the day, and my car seats! That’s just a day in the life of a wave-chasing, problem-solving, artist-meets-adventurer and so "Maktub"i actually needed to have this specific mornings to see Ollie's much more potential.. So next time you’re heading out for an early morning surf, remember - Ollie’s got you covered, in the sea and in the car.

Happy surfing, everyone!

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