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Wave Therapy

I've chosen the sea to be the optimal setup to my wave therapy clinic a place to impower women and men in different stages in there life  a place were we can face the daily challenges and over come the obstacle that block us in thriving our life. I invite you to take control in navigating successfully between the waves of life. 

Wave surfing workshop

Always dreamed of surfing? this work shop will fulfil your dream and beyond.

Therapy package

 Five therapy sessions that can help you achieve your life goals with practical tools .

Therapy consultation 

Facing challenges or obstacle that prevent you from thriving your life? lets meet

The Collections

Welcome to my exquisite product collection that is a true reflection of the beauty and power of the sea, waves and nature. Inspired by my ancestral roots from my Berbere heritage combined with a touch of modernity, each piece in those collection carries a unique story waiting to be told.



Hello, everyone! I’m Joan Sarah Rachel, the artist and surfer behind Maktub, a unique fusion of a store and blog. ‘Maktub’, an Arabic word, translates to ‘it is written’, embodying the belief that life is predestined yet filled with choices that shape our destiny. 

Joan Sarah Rachel

Beach Waves

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